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All Scheduled Adventures

How to book your Canoe Adventure


How many are in your crew?


5 Paddlers or more?  

You can book your own canoe (or fleet of canoes!) for your own Private Canoe Adventure

  • We need a minimum crew size of 5 or 6 adults or paddling teens to be sure to have enough weight and power to operate our canoes safely. 
  • Discounted rates for groups of 10 or more.   Check our prices here.
  • Suitable for almost any occassion.
  • We ask for payment details only to take a £50 deposit once the booking is confirmed.

Fewer than 5 Paddlers?   Or maybe some are still a bit young?   

Book on one of our scheduled 'By-the-Seat' Adventures

  • We'll group you together to make up a full crew.   
  • The following can be booked 'By-the-seat':

'All Aboard Adventures': Day-time adventures during school holidays. Family tickets available.

'Pub to Pub & Moonlight Paddles': Our legendary evening adventures. Child fare and family tickets not available on evening paddles.