Information For Schools & Youth groups

"I've learned more today than all year in class!"    That's what one young lady said on one of our family trips.  And that is why Canoe Adventures can play such a powerful part in a young person's learning and personal development.   Out on the river the story of the world, and even the universe, is at play as we are pulled and pushed by the tide and the weather, and get incredibly close to nature - seeing birds and seals catching fish - and hearing stories of how geology has shaped our landscape and how our ancestors once lived and shaped the world we live in today.

Paddling together as a group requires teamwork and coordination.  It is also a natural, healthy activity in the fresh Atlantic air, and safer than any sports playing field.

With our fleet of three 9m canoes, we can get 36 people out on the water safely and easily at the same time. So that could be your whole class of 30 plus 6 staff/school volunteers.  

Most of our Skippers have professional backgrounds in education and / or youth work and have a passion for making the world alive for your students.  

Whether you're looking for adventure for adventure's sake during your activity weeks, or you want to bring your curriculum to life within your students, we're a unique resource available to you.

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For details of our health and safety and safeguardning policy, the national standards we work toand all the paper work you need as the group leader or teacher, please see below. 

Information For School & Youth Group Organisers

We are licensed and insured to take Under 18s out in our canoes on the River Dart Estuary between the weir at Totnes and Dartmouth Castle.

Fully licensed

We are inspected annually by the Dart Harbour Authority, who issues our commercial operators' licence, and every three years by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, part of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), who issue our license to take out U18s according to a UK national standard.  Both those inspections involve an assessment of the qualification and experience of our staff, our operational procedures, and the quality of our vessels and equipment.

Staff: student ratios - part of our Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Policy

Please note that numbers of students and staff attending are an essential part of our Risk Assessment and Safeguarding policy.    We need at least 6 adults or reasonably sized paddling teenagers to make the boats safe in most conditions in our operating window.  We need at least one adult that is known to the young people in each canoe.  Please therefore advise us if your numbers change beforehand.  

Fully insured

Our insurance is provided by Activities Industry Mutual Limited that specialise in outdoor and adventure activities.  Our public liability extends to £5,000,000 each and every occurence.  Our Employers liability extends to £10,000,000 each and every occurence.  Our professional Indemnity cover extends to £100,000. 

Weather contingency

We keep a constant eye on the weather forecast and will be in touch in advance of you trip to explore contingency options, should conditions look like being outside of our operating window. 

Please find attached
- Standing Risk Assessment
- Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALA) Certificate
- Public Liability Insurance Certificate