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Thu, 01/09/2022 - 13:15
'All Aboard' Classics - families, friends, solo travellers
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Please make sure you add all those who want to come aboard, including yourself, paddlers and non-paddlers. We don’t assume the person making the booking is also coming on the trip, unless they are included in the Crew list.
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A mobile number is needed in case we need to contact you at late notice
If you have a voucher or discount you would like to use, enter it here. Also provide any further information we should know about any of your crew that may affect their ability to paddle, eg injuries, elderly etc.
Our Terms & Conditions include information regarding physical fitness, bad weather and cancelling terms and conditions.
I have read the Trip Instructions (including what to wear and bring, directions and instructions for parking) and will make sure all my crew have this information.